Q: Why haunts?
    A: We started working at Knott's Haunt and when we left there, we wanted to keep going.

Q: Where did you come up with the name "Phobia Productions"?
    A: Our first maze in 2004 was called "Phobias". We had fear of bugs, dark, small spaces, blood,       long waits, doctors & clowns. So we just kept the name.

Q: Why did you name your reaper logo "Murphy"?
    A: Murphy's Law says "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong". That seems to go double in the        Haunt industry.

Q: What problems do you face every year?
    A: We always seem to have tons of people say they want to help but when it comes down to            starting build, nobody shows to help. Usually on opening night we have some sort of problem with         lights or sound or an empty space that we need to fill with at least a prop. We have four 7 foot       reaper statues that get used for this reason.

Q: How long does it take you to build the maze?
    A: We start building in late July. Since we always have a crew problem, it's usually only 2-4           people building the maze. In past years we spent alot of time building the walls, but now that we       have almost 100 4x8 walls, we can get the structure up faster...but it still takes time & manpower.

Q: How do you pick your theme and get backstory info to fit?
    A: We start picking the next years theme right after halloween. Once we have that, we start          researching things that go with it. In 2006 for "The House" we researched all the hauntings in         the area we were in and incorporated it into the story. for 2007's "MalPractice" we researched         sanitarium's and old hospitals.

Q: How can I help Phobia Productions?
    A: Just email us with your interest and contact info.

Q: Why support Charity?
    A: Why not? We believe that everyone can benefit from Haunt.